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h a p p i. p i n o p i
'Sup. You've just stumbled on the iconjournal of krispy_kira ricekrispi. Be scared. Whoo!

Seriously though? Nothing to be scared about. Happi.Pi just means happy with the extra pi! to make it sound SUPER HAPPY! Sana-chan from Kodomo no Omacha also sang this during the series and--WAIT! Don't run away yet!

♪ FANDOMS LISTS. [for requests purposes]
Air Gear . One Piece . Digimon . DN ANGEL . Kingdom Hearts . [dot]HACK . Tsubasa Chronicles . Cardcaptor Sakura . Spiral . Fullmetal Alchemist . Naruto . Kingdom Hearts . Ouran HighSchool Host Club . Tutor Hitman REBORN! . Honey and Clover . Lucky Star . Nodame Cantabile
h a p p i. p i n o R U L E S
Couple of these, but that goes without saying, hm? Nothing big, trust me.

♪ DO NOT CLAIM AS YOURS. Most of these icons are bases, but if I don't find that you've credited in the specific post or in your resources, I'll be upset. Although they are bases, I work hard to make them.

♪ CREDITING. I'm not too big on this, but see above. If you forget my username and/or the community name that's fine. Just don't say you made it.

♪ DO NOT HOTLINK. This means do not copy the URL as in right-clicking the image and clicking 'copy image location'. This steals the bandwidth from the site I upload images on. If it goes over no more icons, end of story.

♪ FEEL FREE TO ADD. You can add this community and/or my personal journal, if you'd like. ♥ I like meeting new people.

h a p p i. p i n o O T H E R

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